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The IUBAT Business Society (IBS) was established to work as the link between the real business world and the smart and tender imagination of the students of this university.

The objectives of IBS are: to establish knowledge based platform where the members from different disciplines can share their knowledge and be benefited from each other, to keep members up-dated about the recent happenings in the business world around the globe, to help members with course-related issues, especially in areas like research, to assist fresh graduates in searching jobs, preparing CVs and other materials, placing CVs, to related fields for jobs, communicating with potential employers, to develop and maintain a professional attitude both in thinking and practice.

The functions of IBS are organizing seminars and symposiums, conducting help sessions/counseling, preparing and maintaining a full-fledged database of potential employers, preparing and maintaining a database of outgoing graduates and job seekers, communicating and developing relationships with potential employers, generating investigative reports and/or articles on recent business and market issues, conducting training sessions on business and job related issues, conducting business movie sessions, keeping in touch with the university administration and assessing the possibilities of organizing sessions like job fair, maintaining relationship with other societies and associations of IUBAT and organizing joint seminars, organizing visits and study-tours to renowned business organizations.

Up to the present time, IBS has organized different informative sessions national and international level. To name a few outstanding ones are culture of Western Management by Professor Eric Frank on, the other one was chaired by IUBAT Vice-Chancellor, Professor M AlimullahMiyan “The International Networking of IUBAT”, “ Seminar on Development of Management” by Professor Afzal Rahim from the University of Kentucky, USA. IBS has plan to organize a seminar on the class room communication where students will get the assistance regarding how to communicate better with the instructor in the class room and how to achieve the best out of the class lecture. Moreover, IBS is going to organize a session on report writing and presentation on a regular basis. This workshop will help the students to know about each and every aspect of report writing and presenting the report effectively as well as defending the report. In addition this workshop will assist the students regarding how to groom themselves.

On the lighter note IBS always entertain different cultural activities of the globe. To name few would be” Valentine Day”, “Friendship Day”, “PohelaBaisak”, and many more. IBS also organized boat trip as well as Practicum Orientation Workshop for graduating students of CBA at Cox’s Bazaar.