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The College of Business Administration encourages both students and teachers to conduct inclusive and extensive research to create knowledge in different fields including marketing, production-operations, finance and banking, computer and information system, management, human resources and accounting. As the business around the world has expanded to an enormous extent and in many dimensions around the world, it is crucial to conduct researches to solve diverse issues arise in business organizations. The college adopts an integrated approach by combining theory and practice to develop professional, technical and business research skills among the students. The faculties are encouraged and patronized to develop projects and provided with the required fund, guidance, and technical support in materializing the developed project proposals. The students under both BBA and MBA are also required to submit practicum report based on their research work, during internship, in different business organizations.

Fund and Facilities

Research fund and facilities are provided by the IUBAT authority for functioning research activities for the College of Business Administration. The authority always extends their support for all kinds of activities related to business research. Fund is also received from national projects for conducting business research.

Fund Hunting

The specialized faculty members submit new projects to MAMRI that provides technical assistance other facilities required to accomplish the submitted projects.

Dissemination of Research Findings

The faculties who conduct research work share their research findings across the whole community; the other faculties also provide feedback on the shared works. Such sharing and feedback culture enhances team work and enriches research knowledge in the respective fields.

Faculty Research

Jamee Ahmad, Laila Habib, Mohammad Kamruzzaman

“Leadership in Bangladesh Corporate Culture”
A research on the changes in organizational leadership & culture in Bangladesh

Corporate leadership is set to be one of the most challenging roles in organizations today. With the dynamic changes in the global business environment, the focus on changes in organizational culture is explicitly sought to be the key aspect of organizational change management. Keeping in tandem with the volatile global business environment, countries like Bangladesh where the dynamism of organizational changes are shifting from the traditional methods of leadership to a more autocratic leadership, it is understandable that the changes are taking place throughout the organization at each level. As corporate culture is thought be a genuinely challenging aspect of organizational change, the research has therefore extended its horizon towards understanding the organizational leadership and culture in the corporate sector of Bangladesh spreading over a mix of multicultural and different leadership styles existing as well as the challenges the organizations are facing to keep in tune with changing business environment.

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Alamgir Hossain, M. Saifullah Khalid

Determinants of Bank Profitability before and during Crisis: Evidence from Bangladesh

This paper examined the factors of profitability and as we know the main components of banks profitability is measured by the return on average asset and return on average equity. Moreover, this research examined to find the relationship between profitability and its determinants in Bangladesh context during recession and Pre-recession. Some others external and internal factors also considered to measure the banking profitability of bank. Return on average asset (ROAA) is considered as a dependent variable and which is the measurement of profitability in this study, whether, independent variables are divided into two segments: those are bank-specific characteristics (internal factors) such as – Equity Over Total Assets (ETA), Cost-Income Ratio (CIR), Loan Loss Provisions Over Total Loans (LLPOTL), Yearly Growth Of Deposits (YGD), Net Interest Income Over Net Income (NII) and industry-specific characteristics (external factors) such as – Effective Tax Rate (ETR), Real GDP Growth (RGG), Treasury Bonds (TBDiff), Inflation Growth (IG). To conduct the research the data for pre-crisis period (2002-2006) and, on the contrary, during crisis situation (2007-2008) was taken. The results show that bank-specific (internal) and market-specific (external) factors have influence on bank profitability, but macroeconomic factors do not.

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Student Research

Research Courses

The university offers a number of courses like Business Research, Market Research and Operations Research, where students solve complex business cases and conduct research. Business Research introduces scientific research methods for problem solving and decision making in business.

Research Initiatives

Rich learning experiences provide a business research foundation and deep subject-area expertise. Students are encouraged to initiate research both in narrow and broad scale. They are provided with all necessary facilities

Project Work/Submission

The College of Business Administration puts much emphasis on the development of maturity of knowledge acquired by the students. Learners are supposed to design and accomplish project works in many courses.


IUBAT Review

The IUBAT Review is a multidisciplinary academic jounal that the editors intend to publish annually.

Research Monographs

IUBAT has published a number of scholarly and distinguished research monographs.

Conference Proceedings

IUBAT, as a part of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing, encourages all forms of initiatives.